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Larry Baldassano(non-registered)
Charley , these photos are totally amazing!! you got a great knack for this stuff. You gotta attend one of my car shows and shoot some some of the classic vehicles .
Claudio tuo cugino(non-registered)
Yo CUZ, nice website!! Checked out some of the photos, you're a friggin pro Chal! I put your website on my favorites, so I can come back from time to time till I see them all...not much time right now...and see some new ones as you post them?
Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line here, since you thought it was near impossible, lol. Mainly to tell you, how much fun I had spending some time with you guys (long overdue), and getting some belly laughs in like the old days...right now its coFFEE TIME!!! lol
Jim Young(non-registered)
Hey Chal,

Great great stuff!! Your work rocks, glad to know ya!
john caruso(non-registered)
very nice photography. and u have experience cropping. surprised i know something about photography? i worked in the business for some eyars in NY- and used to take my own specialty pics- but nothing close to these. what most people dont understand is they lessen their own pictures by being too far away. i always found 3-5 feet worked best- and 100 speed film- to reduce the grain.
Barbara and Mike (Farnsworth)(non-registered)
Chalie, Wow..... We think your work is Amazing! Love the lighting, colors and the way you let every subject shine! What an "eye" you have for creating Magnificent Photographs!
Love your work, thank you so much for the pics, love them
Mike Dayoc(non-registered)
Chalie, you are an awesome photographer. I am glad that you are back taking some amazing photos again.
Robert Babish(non-registered)
Wonderful website Charlie. You do really nice work especially enjoy your use of color and light. You have a really keen perception of what makes a good shot.
Alex Kennedy(non-registered)
Chalie...beautiful pictures....these are outstanding!
donald and arlene cohen(non-registered)
enjoyed all your pictures.
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